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Albany Stump Grinding employs some of the best stump grinders in the Capital Region, a few that knows how to handle projects of any size whether they are residential or commercial. We believe in customer satisfaction and will do everything in our power to make sure your work is completely timely.

The owner’s father started his stump removal company in 2005 with just one small piece of equipment. As a child, he spent his summers helping his father with client work and learning the business, loading tree branches into the woodchipper, prepping the machines, and doing minor maintenance. After years of helping, he began to take the reigns and perform stump grinding work for clients, quickly developing a reputation for expedient, affordable service.

Having served the great Albany, New York region for almost two decades, we have put in the time to perfect this trade and get it down to a science. When someone gives us a tree stump task, we knock it out of the park. Because of our commitment to our customers, many of our clients are repeat. They come back to us year after year when they need help removing a stump for landscaping, safety, and so much more.